'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

Android shoved into #3 slot by Java ME again

If I asked you for the top three mobile operating systems as measured by usage share chances are you'd say iOS, Android and Symbian - and you'd be wrong!

In fact, according to NetMarketShare, the #2 spot doesn't belong to Android but to a lesser-known and far less sexy platform - Oracle's Java ME (the ME stands for Micro Edition). A few months back Java ME was pushed into the #3 spot by Android, but it's now retaken the #2 spot and is the fastest-growing mobile platform when measured in terms of usage share.

So what does Java ME power? It's the platform of choice for low-cost 'dumbphones' and is installed on some 3 billion mobile phones and PDAs. According to Oracle 31 times more Java phones ship every year than Apple and Android combined ... that's a massive number of devices. Well, it seems that  owners of these handsets are going online with them in increasing numbers.

NetMarketShare uses data captured from the 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 Web sites it monitors for clients.