Dumpster Drive: A file-sharing trash bin alternative

Dumpster-diving just went virtual with Dumpster Drive! If you're bored with the same old method of deleting files, try this program on for size.



Talk about thinking different! A new Mac-only (for now) file-sharing application has hit the Web with a rather interesting premise. To quote:

Dumpster Drive is a file-sharing application that recycles digital files. Using dumpster diving as a model for recirculating unwanted objects, Dumpster Drive allows others to dig through files that you delete on your computer in a passive file-sharing network. Instead of simply erasing data from your computer, the software allows users to extend the lifecycle of their unwanted files and pass them on to others.

That's right! Instead of using your trash bin, you can send files to your "Dumpster Drive" to be deleted from your hard drive, but shared with others. That's not all, though. A promotional video on their site details a few more interesting facets of the program; one in particular being that once a file is deleted and made available to the rest of the network, it can only be downloaded by one person who then becomes the owner of that file. Check out the full promotional video below for more:

That sounds like true-to-form dumpster diving to me! And if you're perceiving this whole concept as I did when I first found out about it, you're certainly intrigued, but mostly wary and for good reason. There are all kinds of issues this could cause, such as deleting the wrong file which could end up in the hands of someone seeking out the information contained within that file (personal information, confidential information, etc.).

Additionally, any number of typical trickery tactics could be utilized to entice someone into downloading what turns out to be a virus or some other type of malicious code. I know that's not a primary concern for Mac users at the moment, but since the developer has made the program an open source effort, he hopes other developers will take it and make binaries available for multiple platforms.

Overall, this is a very creative idea in the world of file-sharing where the only comparable scenario I can come up with is when people inadvertently shared their entire hard drives when installing a file-sharing program (thus, including their recycle bin). I would certainly be willing to give it a try insofar as being one of the people digging through other people's virtual trash. But for now, I'll simply leave it up to others who are feeling a bit more adventurous.

Trash-sharing. Who knew?

-Stephen Chapman SEO Whistleblower