DVD set to rule, says MORI

Digital medium to break free from the tape

Research by MORI, on behalf of Creative Labs, has revealed that people in the UK are, at last beginning to take notice of DVD.

Of the 2098 respondents questioned, more than half aged 15-34 said they will be buying DVD instead of VHS in future. Eleven percent thought DVD was the fastest growing media for home entertainment.

Franco de Bonis, European product manager at Creative Labs believes a dramatic rise in the number of DVD titles, for both movies and games this Christmas will help boost the format. "This will ensure that the trend towards DVD and away from traditional formats such as VHS and tape will increase," he said.

Bonis is also encouraged by the public's view of the humble PC. Far from dying out, 41 percent of the public regard PCs as the fastest growing medium for home entertainment, ahead of digital TV, consoles and satellite TV. De Bonis believes DVD has a great future on the PC, especially for games playing.

Bryan Welsh, chairman of online DVD shop DVDplus supports the survey and is convinced DVD is set to soar. "By Christmas there will be around 1000 titles available in the UK and we are gearing up for a good Christmas period. DVD will continue to grow," he said.

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