DynDNS-maker snaps up internet wobble watcher Renesys

Dyn's acquisition of internet performance and analytics firm, Reneys, gives the company a bird's eye view of the internet.


Dyn, the maker of widely-used DynDNS, has acquired Renesys, a company that monitors the performance of ISP data networks and internet routing across the globe.

With Renesys, Dyn announced on Wednesday that it will launch a new Performance Assurance product line to give customers data to enhance the performance of their internet-enabled applications.

To the public, Renesys is probably best known for being a prime source of data when governments attempt to censor the internet, as was the case when Egypt's government used ISPs to block much of the web for its civilians. The company also watches out for cut submarine cables that affect major internet routes and ultimately ISP performance.

Dyn for its part has a popular dynamic domain name system service, DynDNS. Earlier this month, it shut down a free version of its Dynamic DNS Pro product that enables remote access, among other features.

Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock said the move was an investment decision. The acquisition fits with Dyn's recently announced plan to reposition itself as an internet performance product company as its acquired more business customers such as Twitter, Zappos, and Etsy.

The company will integrate Renesys's internet performance and geographic intelligence into its Traffic Management and Message Management platforms. However, Dyn's new Performance Assurance product line will operate independently of its Traffic Management and Message Management platforms. 

Explaining why Dyn would want Renesys, Jim Cowie, the company's chief technology officer, said: "When a decision maker needs insight into local internet infrastructure, performance impairment, economics, competition, or strategy, we most likely have the big data on hand to help answer it."

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

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