E-health reviewer appointed to chair NEHTA

Former Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton will chair the National E-Health Transition Authority after co-authoring a report calling for the organisation to be dissolved.

Former Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton will become the new chairman of the government-owned National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), succeeding David Gonski.

NEHTA is responsible for overseeing the rollout of Australia's billion-dollar electronic health record system across the country.

Gonski, most associated with compiling a review into Australia's education system for the former Labor government, has ended his two-term chairmanship for NEHTA, and is not eligable for a third term according to NEHTA's constitution.

NEHTA CEO Peter Fleming today announced that Hambleton, who recently departed the AMA, would become the new chairman of the company.

Hambleton was one of three experts appointed by Health Minister Peter Dutton to review the e-health rollout last year. The report, completed in December and released by the government in May, recommended that NEHTA should be dissolved and replaced with the Australian Commission for Electronic Health (ACeH).

The report also recommended that all Australian patients should be signed up to e-health records unless they specifically opt out of the program, and the e-health records should be renamed from Personally-Controlled E-Health Records (PCEHRs) to My Health Record (MyHR).

The government has yet to announce its response to the report.