E-tax for Mac launch stumbles on developer certificate

The Australian Taxation Office's E-tax for Mac launch has stumbled, with the developer certificate not signed, causing issues for users running Mac OS X 10.8 and above.

Yesterday's launch of the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) electronic tax return lodgement software E-tax for Mac ran into trouble, with some users unable to install the software because the ATO omitted a developer certificate from the release.

Users attempting to install the software were greeted with a warning message from Apple, stating that the install package could not be opened because it was from an unidentified developer.

The Gatekeeper feature is enabled by default on Apple since Mountain Lion as a means to prevent users from installing malware and viruses on their computer. Apple prefers that users download software through the Mac App Store, but allows developers to get an ID to sign their apps so that the software can be seen to have been approved by that developer.

The ATO has been advising some users on how to get around the Gatekeeper system to install the software, but the agency told ZDNet today that a new version has been put into production with the digital certificate.

"The ATO became aware on Saturday that the certificate had been omitted from the deployment. This was corrected overnight, with the fix deployed to production this morning," an ATO spokesperson said.

While Mac users have waited for a compatible version of the software for OS X to be released, the software has already come under criticism from Mac users for being a straight port of the Windows version.