EasyFinder gives your battery operated device a brain

If you are always losing things the house, like your phone, the remote, or some other toy you might need this gadget. EasyFinder was created as a fix all solution to find everything you lose.

There are many locator devices across the market - they are almost a dime a dozen at the moment. But now there is away to improve the function of the technology in our daily lives.

EasyFinder gives your battery operated device a brain ZDNet

Texas based EasyFinder has created a way for battery-operated devices to communicate with your phone. The Bluetooth enabled "smart battery" is designed for AA and AAA battery-operated devices and lets you track up to ten devices at any given time.

EasyFinder gives your battery operated device a brain ZDNet

Unlike similar tracking devices, EasyFinder works two-ways.

It can track your "lost" items and find your smartphone with an audible alarm, even when your phone is on silent.

It has been designed to track any battery-powered object that has an EasyFinder rechargeable battery installed through an Android or iOS free smartphone app.

The battery case can locate your smartphone through an integrated Bluetooth alert button which activates the alarm.

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The average lifespan for the rechargeable battery is between four and12 months, based on usage and can be recharged up to 1000 times.

It works over the average Bluetooth range of up to 50 - 70ft.

EasyFinder gives your battery operated device a brain ZDNet

The locator creates a two way communication system from your smartphone to the battery.

Using the free app, you can see the location of your missing object or set off an alert on up to 10 devices at a time.

EasyFinder was developed in 2012 by Rick Tennyson who was inspired to create the device by his passion for gadgets and the constant struggle of losing his remote.

It will shortly be made available for other household and speciality battery sizes. The batteries can be recharged with any standard battery charger.

There are plans to incorporate a USB rechargeable battery if the stretch target of $80,000 is reached

Its Indiegogo target has already been reached with over $37,000 raised to date. EasyFinder is aiming to ship in November 2015, ready for the holiday season.

With enough of these batteries you might never lose your battery ­operated devices again.

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