EasyJet refuses to let lawyer on board over critical tweets

"You're a lawyer. You know you can't tweet stuff like that and expect to get on an easyJet flight."

EasyJet is under fire on social media networks after refusing to let a passenger board a flight after sending a tweet critical of the company.

While waiting to board the 9.20pm flight from Glasgow to London on Tuesday, The Drum's tech law columnist Mark Leiser tweeted about delays which had caused a soldier to miss a travel connection -- en route to active service -- and that easyJet was refusing to pay to get him to his destination.

A little later, Leiser tweeted that the budget airline's staff would not let him board. The lawyer explained:

"She said she understood I'd said something on social media about easyJet and then told me they were not allowing me to board the flight.

I said you're kidding me; I asked where that had come from and she told me I should know I'm not allowed to do that. I was stunned. I told her I didn't really understand what she was telling me and she said: 'You're not allowed to talk about easyJet like that and then expect to get on a flight'."

The manager then arrived, who confirmed the employee's decision, and instructed a girl to take his bags off the flight. It wasn't until Leiser mentioned that he was a teaching professor of law that the easyJet staff rapidly changed their minds and allowed him to board.

However, the damage is already done. The airline, in an attempt to put out the social media fires -- due to the rapid retweeting of the debacle -- has apologized on Twitter, stating that comments on social media are not a reason to stop passengers from flying. In addition, the easyJet's feed shows a number of customers asking the firm whether checking social media is now part-and-parcel of the carrier's policy.

Check out some of the highlights of the Twitter conversations below:

Via: The Drum

Image credit: Screenshot/SmartPlanet | Mark Leiser

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