eBay creates Facebook-like community in brand refresh

eBay has recognised that its users search for goods within eBay so it is creating a new social community to capture deeper customer insight from its users and improve its customer offering.

ebay logo

eBay has unveiled its new logo after 17 years with its original design. The new logo is fresh and clean and gives some hints about eBay's desire to change its position with both the market and its users.

It is also creating a new social community to capture deeper customer insight from its users. eBay revealed its new cleaner contemporary looking logo yesterday after announcements in September hinting of the brand shift.

eBay’s new look is intended to ‘reflect its ‘evolution as a marketplace that connects the world to the things they need and love’. eBay wants to shift its image to focus on the future of commerce in three areas, personal, global and mobile.

As Devin Wenig, eBay president noted:

‘The future of commerce is personal, driven by data. Search results and recommendations are no longer enough. Consumers want insight. And they want personal, curated selection that is relevant to them, controlled by them’.

eBay is enabling the future of commerce and wants to make ‘moments of inspiration instantly shoppable’. To gain insight from its moments of inspiration, it needs to create and foster community.

And to get more information about its online community it has partnered with TunedIn Research in the UK to create the Home Zone online community.

Credit: Home Zone

eBay wants to ‘learn more about people’s passion for homes and gardens and so has created this exclusive online community to help shape the future of eBay’.

eBay engaged TunedIn to create three permanent communities for eBay users. This is a new area for eBay but it signals eBay’s desire to move into community social networking for analytics and data mining.

Home Zone itself is a standard community format user interface aimed at fostering conversation around specific topics – in this case homes and gardening. TunedIn will extract relevant customer conversations and use this to give eBay customer data.

Home Zone already has existing community conversations around Decor & DIY and Gardens. Encouraging eBay users to join this community will provide detailed insights around homes and gardens – eBay’s current focus.

eBay can then use this information to customise its offerings in line with its rebranding and brand repositioning.

eBay recognises that we go to websites such as Amazon and eBay to search for the items we need rather than using traditional search engines such as Google and Bing.

With customers engaging socially on the site, the online store will be able to deliver more relevant results to its users, and increasing the number of sales per customer visit.

Having in-house customer forums and social channels will enable eBay to accurately target user clusters and communities.

It is a smart move by eBay.

Hopefully the community will grow as eBay expects and not become jaded by another ‘Build a community and they will come’ initiative.



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