eBay Exact for iOS launches for 3D-printed goods

The latest mobile app from eBay takes customized merchandise to a new level...or at least a new dimension.


E-commerce giant eBay has built itself up a solid portfolio of mobile products, both through acquisitions and in-house innovation.

The latest development from the San Jose-based corporation appears to have sprouted out of the latter.

Today's debut is eBay Exact, a new mobile app that takes customized merchandise to a new level...or at least a new dimension.

At first glance, Exact looks like it takes the concept behind Etsy (custom-made, sometimes personalized goods) and gives it a dose of advanced technology.

In a rather straight-forward process, customers can buy customizable, 3D-printed merchandise through the app.

So far, eBay has enlisted a trio of 3D printers: Brooklyn-based MakerBot, France-based Sculpteo and Toronto, Canada-based Hot Pop Factory.

At least with Sculpteo, prospective buyers can fiddle with the prototype design by toggling around a 360-degree preview image within the app.

Products are made by and shipped directly from the 3D printer with the promise of delivery within two weeks from the order date.

However, the options are still slim as there are only roughly 20 products available now, ranging from jewelry to basic tech accessories such as an iPhone case.

eBay Exact is available only for iPhone users at the moment.

Image via The eBay Inc. blog


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