eBay seeks 'social shopping' dollars with Web 2.0 forays

The “MyCollectibles

eBay, "The World’s Online Marketplace,” and Kaboodle, a start-up e-commerce oriented Web 2.0 bookmarking service, are partnering to launch “MyCollectibles," available at both eBay and Kaboodle, billed as a social sharing destination for collectable enthusiasts, but presently a new marketing platform for eBay sellers in a variety of categories. The “MyCollectibles” destination is described as a free way for individuals to:

  • Organize and keep track of your entire collection
  • Share your collection with friends, family, and other collectors
  • Explore collections from around the world
  • Rate other collections and collectors
  • Find collectors that share your passion

CNET quotes Laurence Toney, director of eBay's collectibles business unit: The bread and butter, the heart and soul of eBay are the passionate collectors and enthusiasts…We are taking the best of these Web 2.0 technologies and taking them to main street. It's a great opportunity to reach out to the next generation of collectors.

Kaboodle says: Collect. Share. Discover. It's free. It's simple. It's fun.

While the eBay/Kaboodle collaboration is being touted by both partners as a free, Web 2.0 communications and sharing tool for collectors, it is designed to promote the sale of many different types of items offered for sale at eBay.

The “Showing All Collections” page, in addition to thumbnail photos representing individual showcases, such as shilpy's “Handbag Collection,” features a “Right Now on eBay” column of items for sale on eBay, including a “JSW Badminton Rackets Racquets JBR201for beginner, at $26.70.”

Additionally, shilpy's "collection" of handbags includes a HIGHLIGHTS feature for each item showcased, which is actually just the eBay listed price for the item. The handbag "collectable" is presented as:

$999.00 for a “CHLOE NEW AUTHENTIC PADDINGTON TOTE HANDBAG PURSE BAG (shown with the following "description"): We gladly accept Pay-Pal-(with confirmed address only), BidPay,  Money Orders and Cashiers Checks. NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE! Buyer must respond to our winning bidder...The principal link on the "collectable" listing leads to the eBay bid page for the item.


eBay's social shopping foray with Kaboodle is but one of eBay's new Web 2.0 marketing and sales strategies: eBay will be introducing eBay Blogs and an eBay Community Wiki at its eBay Live conference in Las Vegas next week, according to Auction Bytes. eBay Live sessions, "It's Not About Me, It's eBay Blogs!" and "Wiki 101--An Overview of the eBay Community Wiki," will present eBay's new Web 2.0 marketing and sales tools.

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