EclipseCon Day 1: Lunchtime topics

Callisto and Eclipse scripting were the main topics during the lunch break at EclipseCon 2006.

At lunch I ran into David Orme, and we had a long discussion about Callisto. Among other things, David is on the Callisto working group at The question was, should Callisto compete with NetBeans in the out-of-the-box experience for new users, or should it just be a convenient way for people who already use and know Eclipse to get it? If you follow the Callisto mailing lists you know where I stand on this.

Lunch tables were labeled again this year with suggested discussion topics. We decided to sit down at the "Scripting" table. Several people joined us and we had a lively discussion about scripting and whatever else came to mind. Interacting with folks like this is the reason I enjoy going to EclipseCon.



From left to right: Wayne Beaton, Ward Cunningham, Ed Burnette, and David Orme. Ward is working with Bjorn on a project called "Eclipse Monkey" to define simple DOMs that provide a friendly layer on top of existing Eclipse functionality such as like project management.