EclipseCon Day Zero: Blogging convention

What do you get when you put a bunch of Eclipse bloggers in a room and give them free beer? A bunch of drunk bloggers, er, I mean, a free exchange of information in a mutually respectful environment.

Eclipse is blessed with an enthusiastic community of bloggers, yet most know each other only by reputation. Well tonight in San Jose, Ian Skerrett brought a bunch of us together to meet for the first time.



There were a ton pf people there so I can't mention them all but they included Alex Blewitt (seated, foreground) who turned out to be just as funny and animated in person as he is in his blog and EclipseZone postings.



And Denis Roy (right), who still hasn't put my head on planet eclipse (hint, hint), was his usual enjoyably sarcastic self.

It was great to meet everybody. Thanks Ian for putting this together! I took some more pictures that I'll post if I can.