Eco-outlets enable charging via USB

Two new gadgets from Current Werks are due to ship in January, but they can be preordered off the company's Web site.

If your early New Year plans include a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two of the new green gadgets you will be able to check out there are the Quattro and Duo outlet plates from Current Werks, a company that hails from Los Gatos, Calif.

The twist on these gadgets is that they replace the traditional outlet sockets with USB charging ports. For example, the Duo (pictured below) adds two USB ports that deliver 16 watts of output power from a standard 110V wall outlet. That means you get two traditional sockets plus two USB ports, for a list price of $24.98.

As its name suggests, the Quattro offers four USB ports, which completely replace the traditional wall outlet sockets. The ports deliver a combined output of 22 watts and include a patent-pending, tamper-resistant door that helps eliminate standby power leakage (aka vampire power consumption). The Quattro (pictured below) will carry a list price of $29.98.

Both of the new outlet offerings are due to ship in January, although they can be preordered from the Current Werks Web site. The Duo and Quattro come in white, light almond and ivory.