ECTS: Dreamcast delay is no big deal - Sega

Sega held its official European launch of Dreamcast Sunday. So why won't we see the console until October?

A Sega representative at the ECTS show described the delay of the Dreamcast as no big deal Monday, a day after the machine was announced in London.

Sega explained last month that the Dreamcast would be delayed due to technical issues.

National accounts manager for Sega Europe, Darren Houghton seemed unconcerned at the delay. "It's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things," he said. "I think that our customers understand because it's going to be such a great product."

Originally the Dreamcast was expected to arrive in the UK by 9 September, the date slated for the US launch, where Sega expects the machine to sell up to 1.5m units in 12 months. Dreamcast has sold nearly 1 million units in Japan. The revised European launch date is 14 October.

Houghton dismissed rumours that the delay was due to a battle between distributors vying for the right to deliver Dreamcast -- something he described as "hogwash".

"We just wanted to get everything absolutely right. We didn't want to come out with something that wasn't perfect," said Houghton.

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