ECTS: Gamester motion controllers induce awe

Gamester releasing a range of next-generation gaming control devices.

Peripherals firm Gamester has come up with a whole new range of motion sensitive controllers based on the G-Force Tilt technology.

The company is using an accelerometer chip from Analog Devices and turning it into a dedicated games controller.

G-Force Tilt technology uses a microscopic spring system that senses gravitational forces, like acceleration, and converts them into an electrical signal. Flying the flag for the new technology is the Evolution Control System (£49.99), made of two separate parts: The Reactor slips over the palm of the hand to turn hand movements into on-screen action. The GripStick sits in the palm and is used to control function and action buttons.

For games like GT, where all you're really doing is accelerating up and down, you can use the Reactor on its own. Getting Lara out of trouble will need the added functionality of the GripStick.

There are a range of set-ups for flying, driving and shooting games, along with controls to calibrate sensitivity settings.

For those of you who find the idea of waving your hands around in the air a little tiring, there's the Evolution Control Pad (£29.99). This is a standard Playstation pad with G-Force Tilt technology incorporated. The pad reacts to movement when tilted, so tilting the pad to the right moves your character right, tilting it up causes your car to accelerate, and so on.

The Evolution range will be in the shops at the end of this month.

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