ECTS: PhotoSuite III gets Platinum treatment

MGI's digital photography suite is a consumer-friendly way to mess with all those digital photos you've been taking.

PhotoSuite III Platinum Edition, MGI Software's latest update of the digital photo editing software, got a thumbs up from the floor of the ECTS show Sunday with features any surgeon would be proud of.

Photo Stitching and PhotoTapestry featured heavily in the product's marketing material: Photo Stitching allows the user to "stitch together" a series of photos of one subject -- like that perfect holiday horizon -- to create a single panoramic image. PhotoTapestry replicates one image as a mosaic, with lots of small thumbnails arranged in the shape of the original photo.

MGI has also added more photo-quality templates to PhotoSuite's content library, now with 1500 templates and a Painterly Effects feature added to Special Effects.

The application is divided into seven activities -- Get, Prepare, Compose, Organise, Share, Print, and Browse.

A new feature in Organise is the Master Album, to help you keep on top of all the individual photo albums you create. Albums let you organise pictures with other multimedia files into thumbnails with accompanying descriptive fields.

"Get" is for importing from cameras, scanners and so on. "Prepare" gives you all the standard photo editing tools, such as transparency control and red-eye removal. "Compose" contains all the templates, plus frames and edges. "Share" contains the save options, options to email your photos or convert them into Web pages, and the ability to convert them into slide show presentations.

PhotoSuite was built using an embedded browser, allowing Web access from inside the program. This lets you search the Internet for images which can then be dragged straight into PhotoSuite's library for editing. There's also a direct link to the MGI's site for free downloads, updates and support.

Available from the end of September, the program will cost for £49.99. But you're much more likely to come across it bundled with the next imaging product you buy.

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