ECTS: There's a radio in my PC...

You could spend £45 for a crap radio -- or you could spend a few pounds more and put a quality receiver in your PC.

There are plenty of online radio stations to keep you company while you work or scout around the Web, but unless you are part of BT's ADSL trials the phone bill will be a major obstacle.

Perhaps the answer is Guillemot's Maxi Radio FM 200, a PCI stereo FM card that receives FM broadcasts from 87 to 108MHz. It can double up as a digital tape recorder, allowing users to record radio programs to disk in .wav format -- useful for grabbing those late night mix shows.

If you're worried about missing the latest goings-on in the Archers while sunning yourself in the Caribbean, fear not. The Maxi Radio has a pre-programmed schedule to record all the episodes until you get back.

There's a search function to find radio stations automatically and you can save up to 200 channel presets.

Oh and there's an alarm too.

The card connects directly to your soundcard, is plug and play compatible and comes with an FM aerial cable.

Price: £100

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