ECTS: Tools to make your toonz

You've always wanted to become a club-rocking master DJ. If only you had the right software...

FastTrak has expanded its line of music software aimed at anyone with dreams of becoming the next Carl Cox. The first, Techno eJay, is for creators of music at the harder end of the dance spectrum.

The software, unveiled at the ECTS show Sunday, has more than 3500 samples professionally created at 140bpm. If that's just too hard the pitch adjuster lets you soften things by adjusting the tempo from 120bpm to 60bpm.

Techno eJay comes with an integrated synthesiser/sequencer called the Hyper Generator II -- itself equipped with over 500 sounds -- and allows up to four samples to be created simultaneously.

Also included is the Effect Studio for adding filters to your samples, and a mixing room for controlling the volume of each track. Techno eJay will cost £29.99 when released in October.

But if 3500 samples aren't enough to create that killer track, you'll want the eJay Sound Collection, which contains 7500 .WAV-format samples created by professional musicians and organised into 26 genres.

EJay Sound Browser lets you search for samples by style, beats per minute, tempo or instrument. Once you've found the sample you want, RealStretch Timestretcher lets you convert to the right tempo. Easy...

The Sound Collection, priced £19.99, will be launched at the same time as Techno eJay.

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