Edelman on mistakes, social media, and not being this decade's spam

Edelman Communications is used to providing image damage control to clients. Now see how it executes when Edelman itself is fighting to regain trust and credibility. With its podcast: well.

Fighting back from its own PR nightmare, Edelman has posted, as part of its Earshot podcast, audio from its mandatory, firmwide Edelman University course on Ethics in Social Media Communications.  It's a fascinating presentation by Rick Murray, President of Edelman's me2revolution group (who ironically doesn't appear to have a blog...), somewhat because of the palpable discomfort and regret involved, but mostly for how it puts the company's money where its mouth is on the transparency issue.  There's some interesting discussion of the updated, FCC approved WOMMA guidelines and the role they stand to play in controlling (or eliminating) the degree of related regulation.  And the new Ethics 20 Questions strike me as a great tool for helping not just corporate communicators but all online publishers (from institutional to individual) ensure the integrity of their offerings.