Edit-job from Jimmy Wales (a non-story)

Jimmy Wales corrects The Great Seduction on its errors. We make a public retraction. Should I fire myself?

 It's not often that one is lucky enough to get a free edit-job from Jimmy Wales. But I just got one for my piece last week about Jimmy-gone-wild in Toyko. Unfortunately, however, some of my "facts" were wrong and Jimmy hadn't gone quite as wild as I originally reported. Here are Jimmy's edits:

 Some error corrections are in order, but you can be forgiven since you get your news from the old media who are of course notoriously unprofessional and loathe to do any fact checking. 1. "as if Wikipedia isn't for profit..." -- Wikipedia is owned and operated by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  A charity.  It really is non-profit.

2. "But why did Jimmy choose to announce the Wikia search engine in Tokyo?" ???  I didn't announce it in Tokyo.  I announced it last year, and got an enormous amount of press coverage.  I know Reuters covered it as if it was an announcement but what can I say?  That's the media.  If there is no story, they invent one.


The satire I enjoy very much, but it would be funnier if it wasn't launched from errors.


Yes, Jimmy is right, I'm afraid. If there is no story, we old media always invent one.  

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