Edward Snowden saga throws up regulatory dilemmas

Love him or hate him? These questions abound. The number of ironies borne by the situation is also bewildering.

Ever since Edward Snowden outed himself as the man behind the leak of NSA's secret monitoring program , the number of dilemmas presented would have caused countless officials many sleepless nights.

For instance, how would such revelations square with the testimonies given previously on snooping programs ?

Edward Snowden saga throws up dilemmas for regulators.

Is it ok to snoop on foreign citizens and only have protection for U.S. citizens?

How do the service providers who cooperated with the NSA now explain their actions before a very fickle Internet user community?

How can an agency charged with security allow such lapses in its own security?

Why would Snowden consider himself a defender of personal rights but yet site himself in Hong Kong, a jurisdiction which potentially would take them away?

Let's hear your views.