Egenera acquires Fort Technologies; cloud management

U.S.-based Egenera seeks Ireland's Fort Technologies to bolster its enterprise-class cloud services and EMEA footprint.

Egenera, the Massachusetts-based cloud management company, announced this morning that it will acquire Dublin, Ireland-based Fort Technologies, which makes cloud lifecycle software.

As you can deduce from the above, the name of the game is enterprise-class cloud services. Egenera wants Fort's management capabilities for its PAN Cloud Director software, its EMEA -- that's Europe, Middle East, Africa -- customer base and its existing partner agreements.

Fort's personnel will be lumped into Egenera's Cloud Products group; the company's chief executive, Gerry Murray, will head Egenera's EMEA operations.

Fort's claim to fame is making it easier for the IT organization to design and deploy IT services -- they like to say that it's "a simple drag and drop exercise." According to its datasheet, the company is Linux-specific.

Meanwhile, Egenera focuses more on the back end, developing software that makes it easier for the enterprise to turn infrastructure elements (servers, physical and virtual; storage; switches; applications; operating systems) into elastic cloud resources.

The unified company and platform will address private and public cloud deployments for enterprise data centers, service providers and governments.