Egg reveals further security blunders

Will it never end?

After admitting that one of its customers had been sent the credit card details via unencrypted email Thursday , Egg has owned up to the fact that other customers may have been involved in similar blunders.

Another ex-Egg customer contacted ZDNet Friday to reveal that as recently as two days ago she too was sent her credit card number actually in the subject line of an ordinary email. Having realised the dangers of this and cancelled her card, she not surprisingly remains concerned by the incident. "They sent me my card number a number of times. It was always at the top and it looked like it was standard practice. They apologised to me when I asked to cancel my card but I think they've made a blunder."

Egg now admits that this mistake occurred more than once but maintains that this has never been standard policy and claims that it was stopped weeks ago.

A spokeswoman says, "We did a heads-up with the Web doctors at our call centre and were aware that it was not a one off. A couple of people were doing it but to my knowledge it stopped happening weeks ago, so it's not as if there will be 50 people out there who will have experienced this."

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