EggDrop upgraded with offers features, 'karma' system

The EggDrop mobile app cuts out transaction fees and middleman for online neighborhood marketplace.

EggDrop, a mobile neighborhood marketplace app, is getting upgraded with new amenities that further cut out middlemen like eBay and Etsy.

Lacking transaction and listing fees, EggDrop aims to provide a simple, yet feature-rich mobile forum for buying and selling physical goods in one's city. It sounds quite similar to Craigslist, but there's more accountability with this set-up. (Additionally, users can also auto-post to Craigslist via this app.)

The major new feature to EggDrop 2.0 is the new “Offers” feature, which replaces the previous “Buy Now” model in order to speed up the transaction process and get items sold faster. Offers enables buyers to submit bids at anytime and give sellers to either instantly accept or decline a bid based on their own criteria (i.e. price, buyer reputation, location, etc.).

Here's a rundown on the new features in the updated version of EggDrop, more of which pick up on some of the more buzzworthy mobile trending topics as of late:

  • Better real-time messaging: Buyers and sellers can communicate directly within the app without revealing phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Smarter location data: EggDrop geo-tags every item automatically to give buyers a better idea of where the item is located without compromising the privacy of sellers. Of course, users can specify the location too. The app is also fully localized with support for all currencies as well as calculation for distance in kilometers or miles, depending what country you're in.
  • Easier selling set-up: More categories (auto or manual category selection), flexible listing times (24 hours to a week), and auto-relisting option
  • Security: Users can now flag items that are believed to be offensive or inappropriate.

One of the more interestingly named but actually standard features is "Karma Score." Basically, this is a fancy way of saying feedback...but with a twist. For every transaction, EggDrop asks both the buyer and seller for feedback and then calculates a karma score based on both positive and negative comments. Thus, a revamped way for users to determine business partners.

EggDrop 2.0 is free and available to download now from the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace.