Egnyte adds third-party cloud storage choices for its file sharing platform

Egnyte builds upon its existing file sharing and storage platform to add support for some of the top third-party cloud vendors, including Amazon and NetApp.


Egnyte is updating its online file sharing platform, EgnytePlus, with support and access to four of the leading cloud storage vendors.

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Specifically, EgnytePlus users will be able to sync and share (without fully replicating the data) to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and NetApp Storage GRID.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company touted that companies with heterogeneous storage environments will be able to integrate third-party cloud storage to extend these existing infrastructures to the cloud while maintaining access for all employees and clients.


Egnyte asserted in the announcement that with this update, it has churned out the "industry’s first solution-supporting integration with third party cloud storage providers."

But it's certainly not the first cloud storage provider to tap into the potential that third-party apps and connections offer.

For example, both Box and Google Drive have recently taken measures to highlight and promote third-party apps in an effort to draw in more business customers looking to get the most bang for their bucks.

Thus, it's arguable that the cloud storage game is moving in favor of a one-stop shop with one major provider that can set up and integrate as many services as possible.

Egnyte also cited recent price cuts by Amazon , Google, and Microsoft as the Software-as-a-Service market becomes more competitive. Thus, Egnyte is suggesting that being able to leverage both its local storage as well as these third-party vendors at once gives customers more flexibility in scaling based on how they accumulate data.

Screenshots via Egnyte