Egyptian sentenced to three years for defaming Islam on Facebook

Ayman Hassan Mansour has been sentenced to three years in prison for Facebook posts found to be insulting to the Islamic religion.

A Cairo court has sentenced Ayman Hassan Mansour to three years in prison for postings on Facebook. He was charged with "exploitation of religion to promote extremist ideas with the intention of inciting sectarian strife, damaging national unity, and insulting the Islamic religion."

Mansour reportedly confessed to the charges, but did not provide justification for his actions. Police tracked Mansour online and arrested him in August. Judge Sherif Kamel, head of the Azbakiya Court of First Instance, said Ayman Youssef Mansour created the Facebook Page "Al-Monadel Mard" and used it to express opinions that threaten national unity.

The MENA state news agency reported the misdemeanor court found the defendant willfully used "outrageous and scurrilous" words to defame the Quran, the religion of Islam, the Prophet of Islam, as well as Muslims and members of his household, according to CBS News. It did not say what exactly he had written that was deemed to be offensive.

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