Elastica partners with Telstra and Cisco to tackle Australian cloud security market

Elastica has partnered with Telstra and Cisco to service the rise of shadow IT and shadow data in Australia with its cloud access security broker solutions.

Cloud access security app provider Elastica is partnering up with Cisco and Telstra to expand its footprint into Australia.

Elastica will leverage its newly signed strategic alliance with Telstra and recently announced reseller agreement with Cisco to provide customers with access to its cloud security broker solutions.

As part of its expansion, the company said that it has employed cloud security consultants in both Sydney and Melbourne to support customers in their move to the cloud.

Elastica APAC managing director John Cunningham said that given Australia's demands for cloud-based solutions, it is a key market for the company to provide a solution that would help monitor and block malicious attacks that occur within various cloud applications.

"Typically with technology, it starts in the US and then it would expand globally, maybe to Japan, maybe to Europe, and then Australia. But this time, it's a little bit different," he said.

"Cloud is going out simultaneously around the world, so our investment in Australia is going to be there to support that rapid adoption of cloud applications within Australia."

Elastica is Telstra Venture's latest investment, and follows its multimillion-dollar equity investment in Taiwanese video big data and analytics company Gorilla Technology Group in March.

Prior to that, Telstra Ventures announced that it had made an equity investment in Elemental, a supplier of software-defined video solutions for multi-screen content delivery.

Telstra director of security practice John Ieraci said the company was impressed by Elastica's ability to address security issues related to the rise of shadow IT.

"When Elastica appeared in mid-2014, we were impressed with the ability to monitor, track, and block sensitive data in real time and quickly identify shadow IT and shadow data for cloud applications, both SaaS and IaaS, using a data science approach and with zero deployment," he said.

"After an in-depth analysis of the alternative vendors, we selected Elastica as our CASB vendor of choice, and invested in the company to strengthen our strategic partnership."

Cunningham added that as businesses generate more activities, it's important for them to keep track of what is going on.

"For every use of a cloud application, there are millions of events being generated ... that becomes a data science problem. As humans, and with the scale of activities happening on cloud application, data science is required to help organisations get visibility of what is important," he said.