Elasticsearch + Logstash unite

Elasticsearch acquires Logstash, providing an integrated platform for search-based querying of log file data.

Open source search and analytics vendor Elasticsearch, which provides a RESTful Web service programming interface atop Apache Lucene, has acquired the vendor of one of its most prevalent companion tools, Logstash.  

Logstash has long integrated with Elasticsearch to provide an open source platform for searching through log file data. That may sound like a scenario limited to operational IT, but in point of fact, a "log file" can be any data file where each data item contains some kind of time and date information.

Logstash's creator, Jordan Sissel, has now joined Elasticsearch just as version 1.2 of Logstash is being released. In a recent conversation with ZDNet, Sissel, a system adminsitrator by trade, explained that his motivation for creating Logstash was to make exploration and discovery with log file data as easy as ad hoc data spelunking can be with Microsoft Excel. Sissel wanted to concentrate on that scenario and not get bogged down with building his own search platform. As such, he built Logstash atop Elasticsearch

Another open source project, Kibana, also offers Excel-like data visualization capabilities with Elasticsearch data. Kibana's creator, Rashid Khan, had previously joined Elasticsearch, much as Sissel is doing today. Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash have been used together much in the past and now all three are under the Elasticsearch corporate umbrella, providing for tight integration between the tools, along with continued support for standalone functionality.