Electric cars in 2010: the good, bad and ugly

Look at the future of electric cars in 2010, and the need for re-charging stations.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

Here's a report that describes an electric car needing a charge, in real time in the real world and not near its home port. Driver finds electric vending machine, helps himself to the juice (electric).

Ford Motor Company is going to begin testing Ford Focus electrics, in Germany. They will set 25 electric Fords loose in the real world around Cologne. Some electric Fords are already on the road in Britain. Ford plans to begin selling an electric-powered Transit Connect commercial van in 2010, followed by the electric Focus in 2011.

There are now over 1.5 million hybrid electric cars on the road in the U.S. How fast will folks adapt electric car tech? One issue will be re-charging stations. Will there be pay-and-charge stations at shopping malls and sports stadia? It may be the "re-charging blues" that have prevented Tesla from doing its IPO. Tesla reportedly has sold a thousand of its pricey electrics and has that many orders backlogged. But a Tesla IPO may need its own electric charge.

As my blog-mate just blogged, the issue of convenience is going to be critical in the growth or death of the electric car indsutry. That means easy to find re-charging outlets.

Chrysler has been the laggard in the electric car race in America. It will show off a proto-type at the Detroit auto show next month. In addition to Ford's Focus electrics, GM is to launch its electric Volt late in 2010.[poll id="210"]

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