Elektrilevi chooses Ericsson for smart meters in Estonia

Elektrilevi has chosen Ericsson to supply, deploy and manage a smart meter network for Estonia.

Elektrilevi has chosen Ericsson to supply, deploy and manage a smart meter network for Estonia.

Elektrilevi, the major Estonian electricity distribution network operator, has signed an 8-year deal with the firm to develop and run a smart-metering network which will span across the European country. The contract includes deployment of 630,000 smart meters and installation of Operation Support Systems (OSS) to manage the network.

Ericsson is also required to supply and launch services through 2G and 3G networks as well as power-lines in order to manage data collected through the smart meter installations, and is responsible for managing the network within its early stages.

Mait Rahi, Manager of Smart Metering Programme Elektrilevi, said:

"Ericsson's solution offers us cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. The change from manual meter reading to automated remote meter reading will ensure more timely and more accurate billing of customers for their actual energy consumption. and, we will get more precise information from the electricity network and can take faster action in case of power interruptions and fraud."

The agreement to rollout 630,000 meters was the result of a successful pilot project involving the installation of 5,700 smart meters completed this year. It is expected that the project will be finished by 2016, and Ericsson will provide maintenance for three years after completion. Elektrilevi has the option of extending the maintenance contract until 2025.

Estonia is one of many countries currently installing the devices as part of the European Union's target to improve energy efficiency by 20 percent and cut carbon emissions by 2020.

Elektrilevi accounts for nearly half a million subscribers on its network. The company says it supplies electricity to the majority of households and companies within Estonia.

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