Elite Amazon Web integrator boosts uptime guarantee

New service levels enhance availability to 99.99 percent for managed services from 2nd Watch, better than a Tier 3 data center.

Seattle-based 2nd Watch, one of Amazon Web Services's closest cloud integrators and consulting partners , has expanded the service level agreements it offers for managed Amazon cloud environments to guarantee 99.99 percent uptime.

2nd Watch's managed services cover cloud solutions that live on the Amazon cloud infrastructure, providing capabilities such as instructure optimization counsel, payment and billing, discounts based on customer usage, technical support, and custom application development. 

The integrator offers three levels for these services: Select, Executive and Premier. The latter two are the ones that offer the 99.99 percent uptime commitment. The Premier level includes technical support within 15 minutes.

"In 2012, with more than 160,000 instances across more than 200 projects, our more than 100 customers with 2nd Watch Managed Service and High Available Architecture have enjoyed uninterrupted business -- absolutely no customer impact -- even in the face of utility-level service distruptions," said Jeff Aden, co-founder and president of 2nd Watch.

Aside from Amazon, 2nd Watch is closely allied with Microsoft as a Cloud Champion and Cloud Accelerate Partner. For more on its strategy .