Elymentz messaging app helps simplify SME's telephony solutions

80 percent of enterprise companies are engaged in VoIP trials, while more than 30 percent of SMEs in the US subscribe to some form of VoIP. A new app intends to simplify telephony for SMEs.

The VoIP industry is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2016 - and experts estimate that using a VoIP solution as the primary method of interaction could end up saving a business 50percent on their monthly communications expenses.

Elymentz messaging app helps simplify SME's telephony solutions ZDNet

Elymentz has recently launched its "Next generation mobile communication app" to connect both registered and non-registered users of its service with a cross platform telephony solution.

The app supports free text, chat translation across 16 languages, scheduled calls, voice, and video messages. The app gives users the ability to make free calls within the network and "affordable rates" telephony connections outside of the Elymentz network.

For business users, call scheduling tools allow the user to schedule a call between 20 users, and connect all users by calling them automatically. The app aims to be the "go-to solution" for businesses looking to switch to a simple VoIP solution.

Chat translation helps the other parties sitting overseas to communicate with each other with advanced chat, on-the-fly translation and the ability to view the original text sent from the user.

Elymentz messaging app helps simplify SME's telephony solutions ZDNet

This will break down language barriers and allow people from all over the world to communicate without mistranslations. For text based conversations the chat platform enables conversations with up to 50 participants.

Messages can be enhanced with emoticons, stickers, location pins, images, voice notes, videos, and doodles. The app also offers call forwarding. Users can use the service to automatically route incoming calls to another number of their choice.

It uses Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity and all voice calls are broadcast in HD quality for clarity. You can buy credits to call people outside of the Elymentz network.

Switching to a VoIP solution is simple - when all users need to do is download the app to their smartphone or tablet.

The app is currently compatible with iOS, Android and will soon be available for Windows Phones.

Nikhil Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Elymentz, says, "The message from small businesses is resounding - VoIP is the way forward! VoIP and SIP solutions are the future of business communication."

If your business needs a new resource and want to dump your out-dated landline for a more modern alternative, this app might just be what SME's need.