Email spat gets PAs sacked

Two Australian legal PAs have lost their jobs over an email row which started over ham and cheese sandwiches

Two legal PAs have been fired after an email argument spiralled out of control.

The claws came out after Katrina Nugent sent an email to all the lawyers and support staff at her Sydney law firm accusing an unknown lunch thief of helping themselves to her ham, cheese, and bread. She asked to be reimbursed for her loss.

Co-worker Melinda Bird replied to the email saying that she had seen the items in a different fridge, and that Nugent's email was "ridiculous".

Nugent responded, saying that she wasn't blonde -- possibly a jibe at Bird, who is -- moving the rapidly escalating situation onto the subject of appearance. Finally, the spat descended into a vicious discussion of each PA's love life.

Trouble really began for the pair, who work at law firm Allens, when the email was circulated round other firms in the city. The two PAs were sacked by their employer, and other staff are being disciplined, according to reports.

One blog reported that Allens tried to fire those responsible for circulating the email, but found that there were 79 of them in total.

Click here to see an edited transript of the discussion.