<em>Apprentice</em> winner takes on PC recycling

Xenon Green is... old computers

Xenon Green is... old computers

The winner of Sir Alan Sugar's The Apprentice business talent TV show will be given the responsibility of setting up a PC recycling business for Amstrad.

Michelle Dewberry, the 26-year-old telecoms consultant from Hull, will head up Sugar's Xenon Green company - a new business that will dispose of companies' unwanted computer equipment in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Dewberry will mastermind the business from launch through to marketing.

Before appearing in The Apprentice, Dewberry worked for a telecoms provider in its business transformation division, scoping and managing the move of its technology division from the UK to an offshore facility in India.

Sugar told The Daily Telegraph: "With all these new European rules, huge companies and organisations like schools, universities and government bodies can't just chuck out old computers. They have to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

"We will charge the customer for taking them away, then disassemble them. It is going to be a kind of greenfield business and Michelle is going to mastermind the thing.

"We are going to turn it into a very, very big business."