​Emarsys secures $33m in Series A funding to boost global expansion

Emarsys has secured its first Series A funding round after 15 years in business with plans to use it to expand into Australia, the US, and Latin America.

B2C marketing cloud firm Emarsys has announced that it will be expanding its operations into Australia, the US, and Latin America after securing $33 million from San Francisco-based Vector Capital.

This is the first capital funding round Emarsys has secured since it established operations in Vienna, Austria 15 years ago.

Speaking to ZDNet, Stuart Barker, Emarsys managing director of Hong Kong and Australia, said while chairman Joseph Ahorner has been the main financial backer of the firm since the company was started, the additional funding is not only about the financial gain.

"The reason why we took the investment was as much as the support and the business intelligence the investors could bring to us, as it was the money itself," he said.

"Vector have not only given us money, but have really helped us to refine and articulate our vision, they're helping us to move into new markets -- and have a focus on the US, which is where they're based -- and the support they've given for our expansion in APAC has been invaluable."

Barker added that prior to the company seeking extra funding, it was already profitable, had operations in 11 countries, and was turning around annual revenue of €30 million to €35 million.

Barker said Australia is one of the key markets for the company, as prior to opening its Sydney office in April, Emarsys had already signed a handful of Australian-based customers as part of its Singapore and Hong Kong operations. He added the company has recognised Australia as a market that is poised for huge growth, saying it's where e-commerce is "accelerating rapidly".

"During those four to five years [of being in Asia], we've been winning customers in Australia from Singapore and Hong Kong. We've had a reputation for great service and great technology. Some customers in Australia were perhaps looking a bit dissatisfied with the options they have and they were approaching us, so even before we opened the office in Sydney we already had US$0.5 million in revenue coming from Australia," he said.

"We knew before we came to open the Australian office we had a lot of things in our favour. Our support and capabilities was something the Australian market was ready for."

The company boasts that among its Australian customers it includes Yahoo7, Ensogo, Adore Beauty, Crazysales, Styletread, and Competitions.com.au.

When asked how Emarsys differs to the increasingly crowded cloud market, Barker argued that unlike other cloud providers that provide solutions to both the B2B and B2C market, the company is focused only on the B2C market. He also said unlike key players such as Oracle, Salesforce, and IBM that have grown through acquisition, Emarsys has grown organically and has built its own technology.

At present, the Sydney office has a team of seven, but Barker expects to double the headcount through 2016.