EMC highlights IT self-service tools for latest backup software update

EMC's latest update for backup environment tools is being touted as a "quantum leap" forward thanks to a much speedier deployment process.


EMC is in the process of rolling out a major update for its automated analysis and monitoring tools for backup environments.

The major points to this upgrade for the Data Protection Advisor software is twofold: to provide real-time visibility into global backup infrastructures and also make it much simpler for IT managers to deploy the solution themselves -- and quickly.

Tom Giuliano, a senior product marketing manager at EMC, stressed in a blog post on Monday about the need for enabling IT employees with self-install capabiliites so that both bugs and threats can be discovered more rapidly in the long run.

He added:

Any IT administrator or application owner who can’t instantaneously verify that vital business data is not properly protected is leaving both themselves and their data exposed. It’s that simple. It’s a perilous and potentially very costly situation.

Stan Horwitz, a backup administrator at Temple University, which is an EMC customer, went so far as to describe the update as a "quantum leap forward for the product" because of the easier installation process that he stipulated was completed within five minutes.

Once the setup process is supposed to be completed, version six of DPA is supposed to provide instant reports about problem areas for heterogeneous backup environments, as demonstrated in the screenshot above.

DPA 6 also includes support for multi-tenant environments in which IT administrators and service providers should be able to set up stakeholders to monitor backup status and service levels.

Chart via EMC