EMC intros IT-in-a-box service VMAX Cloud Edition

EMC is setting up a self-service route for delivering enterprise IT management through the cloud with VMAX Cloud Edition.

EMC has introduced a self-service approach to multi-tenant, enterprise cloud storage with VMAX Cloud Edition.

Based on a blog post on Tuesday written by Peter C. Conway, vice president of EMC's enterprise storage unit, VMAX Cloud Edition comes off looking like IT-in-a-box for enterprise clients, being that he described it as "everything needed to run IT as a business."

VMAX Cloud Edition basically eliminates the steps to design/model/test service levels, create array configurations, and implement the configuration. VMAX Cloud Edition automates all of those day to day storage tasks.

Targeted at both enterprises and storage providers, EMC asserted this solution offers easier access to storage for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.

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VMAX Cloud Edition is framed as self-service for IT because it comes with a portfolio of pre-engineered and pre-configured service levels from which customers can choose.

Examples of those features include automated day-to-day tasks, pre-packaged metering, APIs for integrating operation reports at management and orchestration layers, and linear cost models that are touted to offer "consistent pricing per TB for each service level."

Conway added that businesses should be able to adjust their performance service levels "on the fly" based on application needs.

For example, he cited that a business app owner or virtualization manager without any specialized storage skills should be able to provision storage up to six times faster than a storage expert provisioning storage traditionally.