EMC launches CloudPools, aims for native public cloud connections

The idea behind CloudPools is to tie EMC's Isilon systems and OneFS operating system directly to public clouds so tiering data is easier.

EMC on Tuesday said that is launching an application that better connects its Isilon storage systems and its OneFS software with public cloud services.

The storage giant said it will roll out CloudPools, which connects its Isilon storage and OneFS natively to public cloud services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and VirtuStream, an EMC company.

According to Sam Grocott, senior vice president of marketing and product management for EMC's emerging technologies division, customers will be able to tier storage to the public cloud without changing the file system.

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Grocott said the storage admin would take the network path from the cloud provider and treat it as if it were storage on OneFS. CloudPools will also connect to private clouds via EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage.

The move for EMC highlights how the company is focusing more on hybrid environments. Enterprises will increasingly use public cloud storage for archiving as well as backup, noted Grocott.

CloudPools will be available early next year and be sold as an add-on to its OneFS platform.


The CloudPools effort is part of EMC's Data Lake 2.0 strategy, which revolves around enabling enterprises to pool structured and unstructured data in one place for big data operations.

Along with the CloudPools rollout, EMC said it is rolling out its next-generation Isilon OneFS operating system, which will include non-disruptive upgrade support to ensure uptime. Enterprises will also be able to roll back easily to pre-upgrade states when needed.

In addition, EMC is introducing IsilonSD Edge, which is a software defined storage system for branch and remote officers. IsilonSD Edge will run on commodity hardware and support VMware ESX and vCenter to manage data services up to 36TB.