EMC pitches integrated content data management to XtremIO customers

At Oracle Open World, EMC is stumping for tools that can be used to consolidate backup copies and cut data sprawl.

EMC on Tuesday launched technology for its XtremIO flash systems that can put data storage copies in-memory and cut sprawl as well as costs.

Launched at Oracle Open World, EMC outlined technology it calls integrated copy data management, or iCDM for short.

At Oracle's customer powwow, EMC is pitching its wares to database administrators as well as data center chiefs on cutting back on the number of copies it keeps.

IDC estimates that 60 percent of all data storage is a copy to be used for disaster recovery, backup, development or maintenance. For instance, a typical database has as much as a dozen copies for each production instance. EMC calls these copies a "hidden tax" on Oracle environments.

Sonny Aulakh, global vice president of technical operations for XtremIO, said iCDM puts all copies in memory so there's no network or back-end operation to complete. Every copy is space efficient and only new blocks are used on a storage array.

Typically, database copies are used on secondary storage systems, but EMC is arguing that they should be put on primary ones. If an enterprise can make copies and refreshes from production, has the performance and application integration there will be cost savings.

For instance, a 10TB database used to take 100TB of storage for backups and copy data. Now that same database needs 14TB.


EMC is promoting iCDM since its XtremIO customers have it embedded in systems already. Customers are using it to consolidate SAP and Oracle databases as well as for application development.