EMC updates cloud storage platform with native support for Amazon S3 API

EMC is updating its Atmos cloud services portfolio with updates and links to products from Microsoft, Amazon and Intel.

EMC is scaling out its Atmos cloud storage brand with some enhancements as well as new solutions that are touted to be more cost-effective while using less infrastructure and power.

Intended for public, private and hybrid cloud environments, Atmos is a cloud storage platform designed for enterprise customers and service providers for storing and managing globally distributed, unstructured content.

Several of the additions and changes to Atmos being announced today have to do with support for technology from industry partners.

For example, the new Atmos G3-Dense-480 hardware, which holds 60 disks and 3TB drives, is the first in the Atmos G3 series to offer Intel's x86-based architecture.

Furthermore, GeoDrive, a software package for licensed EMC Atmos customers with instant Windows access to any Atmos-powered storage cloud, has been upgraded to support Microsoft clustering with more data encryption.

Finally, there's version 2.1 for the overall Atmos Cloud Storage Platform. The major addition here is native support for the Amazon S3 API. This is intended to enable customers to more easily migrate S3 applications to any of the 40+ Atmos-powered public clouds worldwide or on any internal private cloud.

The Atmos G3-Dense-480 Hardware, Atmos 2.1 Cloud Storage Platform and GeoDrive Windows 1.1 are all available immediately.