Emirates taps GE for airline flow management

The flow management system uses data from Emirates' network to optimize how aircraft flow in and out of Dubai International Airport, its hub.

Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, has contracted GE's aviation arm to install an airline-based flow management system at its home airport to reduce fuel burn and delays.

The system, which will be validated over 16 months at Dubai International Airport, is expected to help the airline sequence and space its arrivals with consideration to its commercial priorities.

The ATH Group's Attila software will serve as the brains of the system. Atilla provides Required Time of Arrival (RTA) recommendations for each Emirates aircraft, taking into account passenger connections, gate availability and fuel consumption; GE feeds Attila with additional data culled from Emirates aircraft flight management systems.

Aside from a smoother schedule, the "FLOW" system should also cut down on the company's operating costs -- an upside no carrier would refuse.

To be clear, the system won't replace the airport's air traffic control; rather, it should only give Emirates more granular control over its own hubs and network.

It's expected to come online in the fall.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com