Emirates' use of HP, Windows 8 tablets all about standardization

The Dubai-based airline will use a Windows 8 HP tablets for inflight communication and CRM. Why? It's all about standardization for IT.

Emirates' use of HP ElitePad 900 tablets with Windows 8 is a nice starter win, but the use case is fairly boilerplate. Windows shops are likely to adopt Windows 8 tablets assuming heterogeneous devices aren't already in tow.

The Dubai-based airline will use a Windows 8 application called Knowledge Driven Insight Service (KIS). The app, around since 2004, is used for inflight communication and CRM. Emirates announced that it will use the app on Windows 8 and HP ElitePad 900 tablets.

Emirates rollout plan starts with 100 devices by the end of January 2013 and 1,000 by the end of 2013. Why? Emirates standardized its PCs and laptops on Windows 7 and "needed an operating system that would integrate with our corporate IT environment."


In other words, Emirates decided to wait for Microsoft's tablet strategy to take shape before moving. Emirates isn't alone. Other enterprises had a similar standardization theme .

Windows 8 is likely to land many corporate wins if standardization is one of the driving themes. If standardization isn't a priority, Windows 8 will have to duke it out with Android tablets and Apple's iPad.