Empire State Building gets flashy new lighting system

The Empire State Building has a beautiful new LED lighting system that features a palette of 16 million colors and can create fantastic lighting effects.

The Empire State Building has always been beautiful.

But now, a dynamic LED light system installed on the skyscraper brings out that beauty even more.

The Philips Color Kinetics system, as it's officially called, allows the lights on the building, which is always lit at night, to show "movement" using a palette of 16 million colors and never-before-used effects, such as "ripples, cross-fades, sparkles, chasers, sweeps, strobes and bursts," according to Philips, which created the system.

The unique lighting system was unveiled Monday night with a light show to the tunes of Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" and "Empire State of Mind." As The Atlantic says of the program:

"Think a fireworks show, with the illumination in question coming not from controlled explosions, but from controlled LEDs. Think an art installation, with overtly commercial impulses. "

Before then, in a test run, CNN had used it to present the electoral college results on election night.

The new system allows for greater control of the lighting, plus it will be able to provide improved light and vibrancy.

And it will prompt New Yorkers and visitors to the city to ooh and aah at the landmark building even more than they already do.

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via: The Atlantic

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