Emulex OneCommand Vision 3.0

The world of storage has become very complex. Emulex believes its OneCommand Vision 3.0 will shine light on even the most complex storage environment and make everything clear.

Storage technology has grown and changed over the years. Many organizations have host-attached storage as well as SAN attached storage which may be using one of a number of different types of media including storage attached to Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Fibre Chanel. Adding solid state storage, optical, and traditional rotating media to the mix serves to increase the complexity.  Emulex recently announced a new version of its OneCommand Vision product family that is designed to directly address this complex world.

What does Emulex say about OneCommand Vision 3.0

Emulex OneCommand Vision enables visibility into the proverbial I/O ‘blind spot’ in the data center with the following key features and benefits:

  • Eliminate I/O Bottlenecks and Accelerate Application Performance: Emulex OneCommand Vision helps maximize I/O resource utilization, by proactively monitoring storage performance and health metrics, sending Intelligent Alerts that can help to prevent costly slowdowns and outages.  OneCommand Vision 3.0 supports a broad range of host-side and SAN-attached storage devices connected via Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI, DAS, host-side I/O cache, solid state disk (SSD) or Logical Volumes. Other solutions provide performance from the storage or SAN perspective.
  • End-to-end I/O Performance Assurance for Data Center and Cloud Environments: IT administrators can quickly automate the monitoring, reporting, and enforcement using industry-leading SLAs. OneCommand Vision establishes and manages I/O availability and performance SLAs including situations where storage infrastructure is outsourced to a third party, creating SLAs that are based on real-world historical performance information for each environment.
  • Lower Time to Resolution (TTR) for Complex Storage Issues: OneCommand Vision automates early issue detection using Intelligent Alerting, dashboards, and reports. IT administrators can configure throughput, input/output operations per second (IOPS), and response-time metrics and receive alerts to pinpoint potential problems across the entire infrastructure or a specific group within the environment, reducing TTR to minutes, instead of hours or days, while reducing operational expenses.
  • Advanced Storage Path Availability Management: OneCommand Vision "sees" the same path availability that the application sees, encompassing multipath configuration, operating system error handling faults, storage protocol, switch zoning, LUN masking, and array-related faults.
  • Scalable Software Solution, No Special Hardware Needed: OneCommand Vision now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012, VMware vSphere ESX 5.1, in addition to existing support for Citrix Xen Server, IBM AIX, Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL), Oracle Solaris, Oracle KVM and VMware ESX v4.1 and 5.0. OneCommand Vision also integrates with Emulex and non-Emulex adapters.
  • Emulex Experts Training: Emulex now offers OneCommand Vision Training modules via the Emulex Experts program to help customers understand the basics of I/O management and OneCommand Vision, and how it can be used to improve I/O performance. The Emulex Expert Certification Program demonstrates mastery of Emulex products.

Snapshot analysis

Organizations are increasingly deploying virtual storage environments to support their virtual servers, physical servers and virtual desktops. This often includes a storage area network (SAN), storage servers and complex storage virtualization software making it possible for data to be automatically moved to the storage tier that is best suited to support the needed performance, latency and cost structure based usage patterns. This also means that organizations are deploying solid state storage devices (flash and DRAM), traditional rotating media, optical storage and a number of other up-and-coming storage solutions.

The problem is simple. As the environment gets more complex, it is harder to manage. Management requires more staff expertise and problems are harder to find and resolve.

Emulex believes that its OneCommand Vision 3.0 is the obvious choice to solve these problems. The key question that comes to mind is whether Emulex is offering the only solution. The answer is no.

Organizations will have to sort through technology being offered by a number of able competitors including IBM, HP, Hitachi, NetApp, DataCore, Dell/Quest and many others.

Will Emulex win? That all depends upon the organization's needs, its technology partners and whether Emulex's products directly address the organization's needs. It is certainly worth evaluating OneCommand Vision.


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