Ending life of BYOD products

BYOD is no longer a fad, and has for many companies become part of the IT strategy. But what happens to a device once it reaches end of life?

Ending life of BYOD products: Webinar

ZDNet has run an editorial webinar that looked at issues surrounding the disposal of devices when it comes to end of life.

Employees who bring their own devices into the office for business use has helped companies cut hardware and service costs. However, in some cases, it has also resulted in an added burden upon the IT departments tasked with maintaining these devices.

Journalist Krishan Sharma was joined by former Fortescue Metals CIO, Vito Forte and Data#3's national practise manager David Barclay to discuss BYOD issues in an editorial webinar.

The panel looked at what happens with devices that are no longer being used; who should be responsible for disposal of the product; whether the IT department should recycle the product; and whether it is the department's responsibility to wipe the device.

Krishan, David and Vito also discussed the issues to consider at the end of a buying cycle when looking at purchasing devices for the next buying cycle.

Watch the video to learn about the pitfalls of disposing of BYOD devices that have come to its end of life.