Energy efficiency personified

A live display of an energy-in, energy-out ratio that most technologists can only dream of.

Every now and then I go off-piste here on SmartPlanet's energy blog and bring you something slightly different - but still somehow energy related.

Today is Monday, the tulips and daffodils are in bloom, and for the last week couple of weeks I've been winding our heads around nuclear reactions , global tensions and rare earth minerals .

So this morning seems like the perfect occasion to take a little breather on the metaphorical side. Feast your eyes and ears on young Norwegian classical musician Tine Thing Helseth (pronounced tin-eh ting hel-set) as she cooly and flawlessly delivers Hummel's high energy 1804 trumpet concerto in the video below.

Effortlessness personified. Effective wind power, I suppose. It's the sort of energy-in and energy-out equation we need in modern electricity generation and in locomotion.

Apologies to anyone who thinks we've just, er, wasted our energy and used our time inefficiently with this slight diversion. We'll be back to splitting atoms and that sort of thing by tomorrow.

Still photos from Observertoviet via IMG Artists

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