Enhanced interface for xSQL Object 1.5

Version 1.5 of xSQL Object, a utility for SQL Server database administrators and developers that provides for scripting and synchronising of SQL Server objects, is now available.

xSQL Software, a provider of SQL Server auxiliary tools and utilities, announced today the availability of xSQL Object 1.5, a utility for SQL Server database administrators and developers that provides for scripting, comparing, and synchronising of SQL Server objects.

New features in version 1.5 include support for full-text indexes and catalogs; support for scripting of user's login, user's membership to database role, and user's login membership to SQL Server fixed roles; and improved overall performance, xSQL said.

The new version also enables users to instruct the compare engine to exclude comments, both single- and multi-line, from views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers. The compare engine can distinguish between a "true" comment and one that might be part of the object name.

Another change appears in the display interface for comparison scripts: the new interface uses colors to identify differences, organises the object scripts into sections, allows section expand/collapse, and adds headers to each section to show whether the section is the same or different within each pair of objects. Results can now be ordered by each column on most of the result grids, and compare results can be exported to HTML or a comma-delimited text file.

Built on the .Net platform, xSQL Object 1.5 supports SQL Server 2000 and requires .Net Framework 1.1 or later. Pricing starts at US$199 for a single-user license; US$499 for a 5-user license; and US$999 for a site license.

A trial version is available for download.