Enjoy a holiday-themed keyboard with Adaptxt on your Android smartphone

Custom text input methods are fun to use on Android devices and this holiday season you can share your spirit with a holiday keyboard layout.

Enjoy a holiday-themed keyboard with Adaptxt on your Android smartphone

While I do like the iOS and WP keyboards, I prefer using different input methods on Android and have a few loaded on my Galaxy Note II. I use Swype, Swiftkey, and the default keyboards from Samsung and HTC. Another input option that I am just now trying out comes from Keypoint Technologies and is called Adaptxt. Their latest version (Google Play Store link) gives you the option to download a holiday-themed keyboard (shown in this screenshot) with more new features coming in early 2013.

I like to customize my smartphones for the holidays and have a Star Destroyer Christmas tree as my wallpaper/lock screen so I was interested in trying out this holiday-themed keyboard. I often show off devices during holidays and get togethers so should be able to have some fun with this keyboard next week. You will find gifts, candy canes, a tree, and Santa's sleigh on the keyboard, but there is more to this theme than just looks. Holiday words can also be turned on so that the Christmas dictionary words appear faster in the predictive engine. It is as simple as swiping across the space bar to switch between the dictionaries you have loaded as well.

As stated in the press release: In addition to the winter holiday theme, the latest Adaptxt features include single-touch Wikipedia definitions, seamless toggling between languages for multi-lingual users and an extensive library of 35 industry-specific dictionaries for professions. These choices provide greater personalization options and encourage users to communicate more freely and productively with little effort, leading to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

On 7 January 2013, there is an update with added features such as adjustable on-screen keyboard height and a new clipboard interface for quick text management. More keyboard customization options are coming with this version as well. The SMS dictionary is quite handy for heavy texters with more than 3,000 shorthand abbreviations supported.