Enterprise chart toppers

Here are the top ten chart toppers for November on the Enterprise Tech Update channel

  1. OpenOffice.org gives MS Office a run for no money
    The OpenOffice.org office suite has come a long way -- so much so that it's now a viable alternative to MS Office. See how this open source application fares against the Goliath
  2. IT Anthems: A corporate tune every week
    Keep watching for new songs from the IT industry. And the return of some old favourites!
  3. Top 10 reasons to migrate to .Net
    IT managers are understandably wary of .Net, but there are some strong arguments in favour of making the move, and .Net has plenty of benefits
  4. Putting broadband to work
    Find out the technical differences of the various flavours of broadband and how to choose what's right for you
  5. 64-bit processors in disarray
    So, who needs another generation of processors? With Intel and AMD's approaches confused and no products to test, we take stock
  6. Smart security: network scanners
    Don't wait for a hacker to show you where your network's vulnerabilities lie. Be smart, and use a network scanner with intelligence
  7. Why Linux is a desktop dud
    Linux can flourish as an enterprise server and still be a desktop dud. Though opportunity exists the market won't abandon Windows except for something significantly better
  8. FAQs for the memory
    All you ever wanted (or needed) to know about memory
  9. Get back to security basics
    Attempting to do too much without sufficient resources and an awareness of some basic security practices can put an organisation's security in jeopardy
  10. Nine more holes in IE
    After the D-Day weakness, GreyMagic lists more flaws in Internet Explorer -- and defends its whistle-blowing stance

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